Sector Minister’s Meeting 2019

//Sector Minister’s Meeting 2019

Sector Minister’s Meeting 2019

On the 4-5th of April, 60 ministers responsible for water, sanitation and hygiene met during the 6th SWA Sector Ministers’ Meeting. Their main objective was to increase awareness and understanding of ‘leave no one behind’, its fundamental relationship with water, sanitation and hygiene, and its implications for leadership, finance, and planning, monitoring and review.

Unique in the sector, the SWA Sector Ministers’ Meeting is the culmination of ongoing dialogue at country level, involving hundreds of stakeholders bound together by the belief that good governance and mutual accountability are key to achieve water and sanitation for all, always and everywhere.

SWA partners were to develop commitments they would uphold to in order to achieve the SDG6 goals. These commitments were to be shared with all stakeholders in order for each group to hold themselves accountable.

Zenith Water Projects commitments as the Focal Point for the Nigerian Private Sector were the:

Establishment and strengthening of the three proposed categories of Private sector in WASH within the different States in the Country with the view of providing sustainable innovations, technologies, private funding/financing with the support of the Government and other constituencies.

 The Categories:

  1. Private sector with sustainable innovations and technologies in WASH.
  2. Private sector using WASH projects as part of their corporate social responsibilities (CSR)
  3. Private Sector WASH donors.

Establishment of Private sector Advocacy Team in different states of the Federation who will be technical and WASH Human Right Advocates with greater emphasis on the Human Right to water and water as commodity.


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