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Zenith Water Projects has had a long-standing relationship with Dow, as such, we stock a range of their FILMTEC membranes, which have versatile usage. These membranes can be used for residential, industrial and commercial purposes. Dow provides the most sought after reverse osmosis and nano-filtration technologies, which Zenith Water Projects proudly stocks and handles.

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Zenith Water Projects Water Analysis Form

Name of Company: Email Address
Contact Person: Phone Number:
Name of Sample:
Description of Sample:
Sample Identification: Collection Date:
Batch Number: Expiry Date:
Date of Analysis: Volume:

Physiochemical Analysis

Parameter Result Limit: NIS 554:22007
Temperature (Celsius)
Colour, HU
Electrical Conductivity (uS/cm)
Turbidity, NTU
pH @ 25c
Total Dissolved Solids, mg/l
Total Solids, mg/l
Suspended Solids, mg/l
Total Hardness EDTA, mgCaCO ; 3/l
Calcium Hardness mg/l
Phenolphthalein Alkalinity, mgCaCO 3/l
Total Alkalinity, mgCaCO 3/l
Residual Chlorine, mg/l
Free Carbon Dioxide, mg/l
Ammoniacal Nitrogen, mg/l
Chloride, mg/l
Nitrate, mg/l
Nitrite, mg/l
Phosphate, mg/l
Sulphate, mg/l
Silica, mg/l
Arsenic, mg/l
Zinc, mg/l
Cadmium, mg/l
Copper, mg/l
Iron, mg/l
Lead, mg/l
Chromium (Hexavalent), mg/l
Magnesium Hardness, mg/l
Microbiological Group Counts Limit
Aerobic Mesophilic Organisms, CFU/ml
Faecal Coliform, CFU/ml
E.coli, CFU/ml
Streptococcus spp, CFU/ml
Staphylococcus aureus, CFU/ml
Vibrio spp, CFU/ml
Salmonella spp, CFU/ml
Shigella spp, CFU/ml
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Notes on Abbreviations and Symbols

--- Not Analysed
Unobj Unobjectionable
NA Not Available
NIS Nigerian Industrial Standard

Pump Application

Name of Company:
Email Address
Phone Number:
Flow Rate & Delivery head
Power Capacity
Fluid Type
Material of Construction (MOC)